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I am a technology consultant, trainer and musician. I have over 30 years experience as a programmer, web developer and teaching small groups. I have a keen interest in new and emerging technologies. I am proficient in HTML / CSS / Javascript and PHP. 

I have worked on a diverse range of projects including assisting with the design of a machine learning system used to optimize agricultural crop production in controlled environments as well as numerous backend web development and data analysis projects. I have authored a book Designing Machine learning Systems with Python (Packt), co-authored the book 'Python Data Structures and Algorthims' (Packt) and was technical reviewer for Sebastian Raschka’s book 'Python Machine Learning' (Packt).

I have formerly studied electronic engineering(SA TAFE), Classical guitar performance(Uni SA), Electronic music (Adelaide Uni), drama / arts (Flinders Uni) and have continued an enthusiastic program of self education reading scientific journals, experimenting with computer programming languages and techniques, participating in numerous coursera and other online courses, 

I have also continued composing and performing music. I play classical guitar and electric bass guitar. I am fluent with the music production software Cubase and have composed music for television, short films and commercials.